Hearing Aid Fitting & Repair

Local Custom Fitting & Repair

From fittings, to follow-up care and maintenance, we’re here for you.

The team at Hearing Solutions stays with you all through your hearing health journey, so we’re not leaving your side now that you’ve found the right hearing aid system. From fittings, to follow-up care and maintenance, we’re here for you.

A successful hearing aid fitting is a very important aspect of determining the quality and value your hearing aid system will provide. It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles it has if it doesn’t fit, isn’t comfortable or, most importantly, doesn’t help you hear your best! Let our expert team members ensure you have the best fit possible.

Need your hearing aid system repaired?

Once everything with your new system is fitted perfectly, we want to keep it that way! Are you having issues with your hearing aids? If you’re experiencing feedback or interference, a less-tight fit, or if there are visible signs of damage or malfunction, your hearing aids need professional attention. Whether the electronics fail or the casing needs to be replaced, Somerset Hearing Aid Center can keep your hearing aid system in tip top shape.

Call 606-561-6727 to schedule your free hearing exam today and let Somerset Hearing Aid Center show you the best hearing system options to meet your needs.

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